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Backend & Growth Engineering
how to measure and improve
OKR - Measure for output
OKR is all about measuring something for output improvement.
Published on
databricks logo
Databricks Platform Architecture and Main Concepts
Review of architecture and main concepts of Databricks Analytics Platform
Published on
No shortcut. Hard way is the right way.
It's all enduring. That's the reality.
Published on
junior java dev interview questions
Java Backend Interview Questions (4 years)
List up Java interview questions when I've been received in year 4
Published on
two phase commit flow
What is Two-Phase Commit? (2PC)
Check two-phase commit which frequently referred in the distributed system fields
Published on
browser fingerprinting
What is Browser Fingerprinting?
Definition, methods, defense methods of Browser fingerprinting.
Published on
how to make the right product
Developer's career, do most of them just vanish without any meaningful work?
How to achieve successful product or at least find promising company for developers?
Published on
backend interview questions
Backend Interview Question that I've got (Java, Spring)
backend interview question list that I've got during my trial on L, N, K companies
Published on
what happen when you typed on browser
What happens when you typed in your browser (feat. DHCP, UDP, IP, Ethernet, DNS, ARP, BGP, TCP, HTTP)
DHCP, UDP, IP, Ethernet, DNS, ARP, TCP, HTTP, what happen when you typed on browser
Published on
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