No shortcut. Hard way is the right way.

By Kaden Sungbin Cho
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I found the enticing phrase during my surf on the book 'Same as Ever' by Morgan Housel.

"If you're efficient, you're doing it wrong way. The right way is the hard way."

I've always tried to find more efficient, improved, better ways to do well on something. But, with the above phrase, I realized that I've implied "When something is hard, it means I'm doing it wrong" to myself.

Especially, I re-thought about the real meaning of a word 'hacking'. It sounds me when I 'hack', learn a little trick, something then I could achieve a exponential growth without any hassle.

In that view, if I couldn't hack something I should learn some other 'hacking' methods.

But, that perspective is also brain-washed out by the phrase from Jeff Bezos on the job:

If you can get your work life to where you enjoy half of it, that is amazing. Very few people ever achieve that. Because the truth is, everything comes with overhead. That's reality. Everything comes with pieces that you don't like. You can be a Supreme Court justice and there's still going to be pieces of your job you don't like. You can be a university professor and you still have to go to committee meetings. Every job comes with pieces you don't like. And we need to say: That's part of it.

Yes. It's "part of it". Stress, uncertainty, hassle, dubiousness are all the price that you pay, then afterward you get a responding reward. That's the price you should pay to get it. If there's no price like the above, then you might need to think about the things you can get for free.

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